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4 Tips to Make Your Exhibition Stand Look More Spacious

4 Tips to Make Your Exhibition Stand Look More Spacious

There are numerous ways to make your exhibition stand appear spacious. Adding extra space will allow you to host presentations and receive large footfall at your stand. Here are some of the most important tips when planning your exhibition stand. Let’s take a closer look! The best ways to make your exhibition stand more spacious is hiring a display stand manufacturer


When designing your exhibition stand, balance text and visual elements; keep text simple and use active verbs to draw attention. The text should be presented on the stand’s upper half in a large, clear font. Keep your brand image and message in mind when choosing fonts and placements. Make sure that your stand design makes the most of the space available.


To make your exhibition stand more spacious, you should consider installing lighting. This will not only make your exhibit look more appealing, but it will also help you make your stand appear larger than it is. Using light on your stand will help you highlight important marketing messages and increase traffic to your stand.


When making your exhibition stand, consider putting actual products on display. Doing this encourages curiosity and invites interaction with other exhibition attendees. Humans react to tactile information. Touching products create a more memorable experience, turning curious visitors into customers. A smart exhibition stand design will allow visitors to explore the whole space and view the products in action.

Renting exhibiting accessories:

Exhibiting accessories can add functionality and substance to your exhibit, whether you’re planning a large trade show booth or a smaller one. These accessories include counters, tables, shelving, charging stations, technology, and other features. They’ll help you store promotional materials and create areas for attendees and prospects to relax and meet your team. They’ll also save you money by enabling you to turn around your exhibition booth quickly.


One of the most overlooked aspects of designing an exhibition stand is height. While the floor-to-ceiling height in many larger venues is unusually high, some smaller stands can be configured to reach the ceiling without overcrowding. If the height is an issue, a show organizer can help you decide how high your stand should be and make the floor plan accordingly. Adding a spinning or huge sign can attract attention and attract attendees.