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Enhance sales with mystery shopping

Enhance sales with mystery shopping

Mystery shopping is an innovative method used by many marketing research firms and organizations who want to quantify quality of existing sales, job output, regulatory compliance, customer satisfaction, product selection or brand loyalty. It is used in various industries including retail, entertainment, and fast food. Mystery shoppers are trained to assess a given product or service in a retail outlet, restaurant, hotel room, doctor’s office, or manufacturing plant, and then report their findings in a report that is also supposed to shed light on areas where improvements are needed. Mystery shopping is gaining popularity for its ability to provide valid information to decision makers about both profit margins and the performance of employees.

The main benefit of mystery shopper UAE reporting is that it helps establish a baseline of performance for a company or organization against which to evaluate current performance. The shopper provides feedback that enables the management team to identify strengths and weaknesses in current business procedures and practice, and in doing so, improve the business environment. Also, mystery shoppers are hired only for an hour, which allows for in-depth conversations between employees and management, which can help to resolve problems and strengthen organizational resolve. Lastly, mystery shoppers help to build a strong reputation for the organization as well as a clear record of employee and customer satisfaction. In short, mystery shopping benefits everyone involved.

The process of hiring mystery shoppers entails several steps. Mystery shoppers are initially invited to shop at a store, restaurant, hotel room, etc., and then report their experience there. Upon receipt of their report, mystery shoppers are sent to contact their designated mystery shopper companies. These companies provide them with information on multiple locations that they are interested in shopping.

Once contacted, mystery shoppers are sent to a questionnaire or presentation. At this point, they are asked to complete a short form regarding their experience. This survey provides the mystery shopper with a detailed account of each store visit, providing insight not only about service provided by employees, but also on the attitudes, behaviors and opinions of customers toward staff behavior, service, food quality, timeliness, ambiance, cleanliness, etc. The information gained from this survey is then converted into metrics that will be used to assess current practices at each location, and over time, allow management to develop a framework for improving employee service and product and service quality.

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