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Tips For Getting Poland Work Permit Faster

Tips For Getting Poland Work Permit Faster

Getting a work permit for Poland can be a daunting process. However, hiring Poland work permit visa agents in Dubai can be a great option for you as they are familiar with the entire procedure. This article outlines the prerequisites and documents you will need. It also discusses the application process and travel restrictions. This can help you get your work permit in less time and get on with living and working in Poland.


The Polish government has introduced several changes to the immigration system to make the process quicker. These changes include changes to the work permit process, additional document requirements, and background information requirements. These changes are designed to make it easier to hire qualified applicants. To avoid delays in the application process, make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into before applying.

Documents required:

If you are planning to work in Poland, you need to have all the necessary documents ready. This can take a few weeks, depending on the length of your visa. For example, you must provide a resume and personal pages of your passport. You will also need copies of your professional references and degree/diploma certificates. These documents will need to be translated into Polish. Besides, you must provide a detailed job description written in English. You must also advertise the position for at least two weeks.

Application process:

Obtaining a work permit in Poland can be a challenging process for a non-EU citizen. While Polish citizens and EU citizens are given priority, other foreigners need to obtain a work permit to stay and work in Poland. However, there are some ways to make the process go faster.

One way to make the process faster is to use an employer declaration. This option is faster, but may not be the best for foreign citizens.

Travel restrictions:

If you are planning to work in Poland, you should know the travel restrictions beforehand. Those who do not have a permanent resident visa are required to apply for a temporary stay permit. This process may take more than a year. However, if you are employed by a foreign diplomatic mission or consular post, you may be able to work in Poland without any work permit document.