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Reasons to visit a pediatric neurologist

Reasons to visit a pediatric neurologist

Pediatric neurologists are specialists physicians who specialize in treating and diagnosing the nervous system and brain of infants, children and adolescents. They address a wide array of medical conditions related to the nervous system including seizures, brain growth and myelination. Neurologists can provide treatment for neurological conditions in children ranging from attention deficit disorder with hyperactivity to stroke and cerebral palsy.

A child may have learning disabilities such as attention deficit disorder (ADD) with hyperactivity, autism, dyspraxia, and other disorders affecting academic performance and socialization. The pediatric neurologist will conduct diagnostic tests and determine what the child is experiencing. They will also work with the parents and teacher to establish academic and behavioral plans for the child. The doctor may recommend special education or adaptive services, along with the use of stimulant drugs or homeopathic remedies. If stimulant drugs are deemed necessary, the doctor will work closely with the patient’s primary care physician.

Other disorders that may be addressed by a pediatric neurologist in Dubai include: seizures, head injuries, meningitis, encephalitis, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, refractory stroke, multiple sclerosis, psychiatric disorders, birth defects and cerebral palsy. It is common for these disorders to be the result of infections, trauma, neurological disorders or environmental factors. Children who are born prematurely or have developmental delays may also have these disorders. Seizures can be associated with meningitis, head injuries, multiple sclerosis and cerebral palsy. While most seizures are not life-threatening, they can interfere with concentration, motor skills and cause behavioral problems.

If a child has a seizure or if there are other symptoms such as fever, abnormal behavior and loss of consciousness, it is necessary to see a licensed professional such as an ADHD or autism specialist. Once a diagnosis is made, the pediatric neurologist will likely work with the child’s primary care physician to formulate a treatment plan. These plans will be individualized and may include behavioral training and social skills training.

One of the challenges of dealing with children with these neurological disorders is the difficulty in diagnosing them at an early age. Typically, the physician will begin by ruling out brain tumors or other serious conditions. When this does not provide conclusive results, a neurological exam and evaluation by a pediatric neurologist may be required. The purpose of this neurological exam is to rule out other causes of the child’s seizures or other disorders and to discover abnormalities of the central nervous system. A urology doctor in Dubai will also perform blood tests, brain scans and imaging studies.